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Real Practice Owners Helping You Grow

Dr. Greg Olivieri, Owner, Niagara Falls Dental 

Dr. Greg Olivieri bought an existing practice in 2011 and has 4X'ed into one of the busiest locations in Niagara Falls.  He is currently booked solid for the next 6 months and has the options to prioritize his surgeries and spend more time with his family.  He is an invaluable member of your network when it comes to dealing with staff, operational and growth issues in high density dental markets. 

Implant Business Study Club Leader & Founder

Shamil Radia, Founder, Dentiza™, That Smiling Dentist®

Shamil Radia is well known for being one of the pioneers of automating big case & cosmetic case growth & conversions through perpetual software and SAAS systems.  His has worked with the largest companies across the globe (IBM/Arrow) and is the founder of Dentiza™ | That Smiling Dentist® & The Implant Business Study Club™ to solve the exact same problems faced in dentistry today.  He works with dentists across the globe and regularly contributes to dental publications.

Implant Business Study Club Leader

You are in good company - Implant Business Study Club™

"You need more cosmetic"
"I love what you guys are doing.  Most Dentists don't do more than 2 implants per month.  You cannot survive modern competition, prices and workload on hygiene alone.  The way you guys reverse engineer the patient decision cycle is exactly the approach you need to grow the cosmetic side of the chair". - Dr. Howard Farran, Founder, DentalTown
"We doubled our monthly"

"Before we implemented the education in this system we were doing $140K/mth in billing. We are surrounded by multiple oral surgeons. After 6 months we were doing close to $200K.  you need a process and a system to work larger case patients or someone else will. After 2 years we did over 4.4M in new implants. This works.

Irhan Arifovsky, Nova Implants, Ottawa

"Regular All-on-4®'s"
"Most of the patients we attract need full arch support/permanent denture replacement.  We balance out our schedule with our transactional patients and ensure we have a rock star process to convert our large cases.  We are in the middle of downtown Toronto so having this process is critical to keeping the lights on.  - Dr. Ali Khadivi, Owner, Dental Centres
"Systems need people"

" If you are serious about growing the practice, you need to maximize your hourly chair time.  The problem with growth is you are generally blind to what is being said or done at the front desk until you read about it.  It's critical to get the support you need to grow your practice with the right types of patients.- Dr. Russel Grover, Owner, Grover Dental

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