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"We have been running this system for 4 years (since 2018) and have never seen anything like the volume of inquiries that come to one of our 4 locations daily.  You will save money on ads and get far more reach than you expect" 

Dr. Chuck Le

Owner, 7 Day Dental

"We consistently generate hundreds of implant, denture & All-On-4 patient calls monthly. We are always booked two months out. The focus on big cases combined with staff mindset are priceless.  That Smiling Dentist works."

Dr. Greg Olivieri

Owner, Niagara Falls Dental

"I made my full advertising spend back in one week. Overdentures, snap ons, implants, full arches. I've never seen anything work so well.  By contrast my spend on other platforms was 5X more with not even a fraction of the results.  

Jonathan Verroche 

Owner, Verroche Denture Clinic

In 2018 Townies wanted to know how we generate so many new implant & full arch patients...

Watch Dr. Howard Farran (founder DentalTown) & our co-founder Shamil Radia introduce the system that funnels new implant, full arch/All-on-4®, denture and general cosmetic patients into your practice.  6 years and thousands of patients later we keep growing!


  • How to get 40 to 60 new implant leads a month like clockwork, no matter how many other competing dentists are in your area...

  • How to stop doing low margin services and make more money for way less effort with $10,000+ denture replacement patients...

  • How to increase the valuation of your practice(s) guaranteed. Stop wasting money with companies who don't know Dentists.

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This practice generated over 1200 cosmetic patients in just 12 months 

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They paid 60% less for advertising AND appeared MORE times locally than the three practices next door

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"We are in a highly competitive area and get an incredible return for minimal advertising spend. In addition, That Smiling Dentist team have spent hours helping me understand exactly how to train and motivate my staff to deal with cosmetic calls. "

Dr. Nader Hawa

Owner, NOVA Dental 

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All-on-4®'s |Full Reconstruction |Single & Multiple Implants |Dentures

Crowns | Extractions |Root Canals | Veneers 

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"Our practice was built around this system.  The key to cosmetic growth is in the education.  We are fully booked weekly for multiple implant / full arch procedures" 

Dr. Dan Auprix 

Owner, NOVA Implants & Dentures

"As a denturist it is part of our business growth to find patients in the local area who need to switch from temporary solutions to permanent. With this system we get both.  

Irhan Arifovski 

Owner, NOVA Implants & Dentures

"We have been using the system for over three years.  Not only do we have as many cases as we want, we also have optimized our staff process to maximize patient output.  

Dr. Corey Rubinoff 

Prosthodondist, Arch Dental

"I love how you lead with education.  As an owner of 4 practices across the city, and being faced with new practices opening yearly, having a system that increases chair time value through knowledge is critical.  

Dr. Russ Grover

Owner, Grover Dental

"As the office manager for over 5 offices in one of the busiest cities in the world, I've never seen anything like this.  We have worked with That Smiling Dentist for over 5 years now and it's an integral reason for the new walk in's monthly"

Cindy Caklos 

Office Manager, Dental Centres 

"Being in the middle of downtown we have close to 200+ dentists within a small radius of our practice.  We attract the types of cases I need to do which are full reconstructive, multiple implant related cases. 

Dr. Ali Khadivi 

Owner, Dental Centres

"As a dental lab our clients business plan is critical to our success.  Generating end users for my clients is extremely important to my bottom line. By educating patients to understand the materials we use helps them alleviate the anxiety that inhibits moving forward."

Natalie Nikolovksi

Owner, C&P Dental Lab 

"If you don't understand the science behind motivating your staff to help you grow, no amount of leads will every help you sell more.  This system works if you understand how to talk to new people and understand referrals are not a business plan for growth "

Joe Kerner

Owner, The Guident Group 

"Markham Dental is in an extremely competitive area for acquiring new dental patients.  Shifting our focus to treating every patient like a cosmetic case has helped us deal with the new volume of implant & denture cases weekly.  We are busier than ever. 

Claudia Chan 

Owner, Markham Dental 

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